Bench Like a  God Program

This program is geared around maximizing your potential on the bench press, placing focus on building strength and perfecting proper bench press technique.  Athletes have the option of a general program or a fully customized program. Both programs are effective, offering the following services:


General Program

  • 8 weeks of workouts (Chest, Back, Arms) *M,W,F
  • Send one video bi-weekly to be critiqued on form

Custom Program

  • 8 weeks of workouts (Chest, Back, Arms) *M,W,F
  • Send one video per week to be critiqued on form
  • Customized 8 week bench schedule based on percentages of current one rep max.
  • Personal access via DM for Q/A (allowing 24 hrs for response)
  • Guaranteed to add 20-50lbs to your one rep max


The “Bench Like a God” program is not for those who lack mental fortitude, are not driven, weak minded, or lazy. This program will demand all you have. Requiring each athlete to dig deep but walk away a much stronger individual at his/her bench press.

I have been able to obtain a 500+lbs bench press, become the Alabama USPA state bench press record holder, and continually get stronger on the bench press using workouts based heavily around the “Bench Like a God” program. Individuals must understand the bench press incorporates chest, back, arms, and shoulders. For that reason, this program will give you 3 workouts per week (M, W, F)  for 8 weeks, targeting each of those muscle groups.

Congratulations on your purchase of the “Bench Like a God” program, and taking the first step in amassing a big bench!